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HOW TO Remove snapshots of deleted VPS-s on GR site

HOW TO Remove snapshots of deleted VPS-s on the GR site

  • Navigate to SERVERware GUI → VPS section → Deleted VPS-s

  • Click on the deleted VPS and check the UUID at the bottom:

  • SSH to the host where snapshots are located and run:

zfs list | grep xxx 

where xxx is the first part of UUI, for example f277531a in the screenshot above.

  • Run:

    zfs destroy NETSTOR/GRS/site-dc43fbb2edd2d84a589abab3e30c73ad/vol-ed2cad48519d44678769dd6d0da17af2

  • You will get a message that you can not destroy a complete volume because sw-repl is holding the dependencies. You will need to release the each dependency from the specific volume with the command zfs release sw-repl. 


    zfs release sw-repl NETSTOR/GRS/site-dc43fbb2edd2d84a589abab3e30c73ad/vol-8ff6457f34cb4be790eb0c9c29022863@cycle-70ca0a480194e38800dfd70b4dbc6cb2

  • After removing all dependencies, run the zfs destroy command again and the volume should be removed.

  • To check what holds the volume, you can run:

zfs holds volume_name

E.g. zfs holds NETSTOR/GRS/site-dc43fbb2edd2d84a589abab3e30c73ad/vol-e8b90fc267554deb9dba32d3f094720c@cycle-ce139757926efc303196d0e5fc7accb4

The process is the same for VPS-s that are not deleted, where we would be checking the UUID on the VPS section.

To get the list of snapshots with name and the creation date run:

zfs list -t snapshot -o name,creation

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