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Serverware 3/4 HOWTO create a clone


In SERVERware, a VPS can be cloned regardless if VPS is stopped or still running. This is especially useful for creating multiple instances of already configured and running VPSs.

Follow this procedure to clone VPS:

  1. In the Virtual Private Servers view, select the VPS that you want to clone.
  2. If the VPS that you want to clone is not visible in the list, perform a search.
  3. Click the Clone VPS button.
  4. The Clone VPS dialog appears.

    sw3-1 vpss copy.png
  5. Enter a description and a new name for a VPS and click the Clone button. ( Networking fields not required )
  6. Monitor task progress in the VPS view. The name column should show a new name for the cloned VPS.
  7. To finish the configuration of VPS click Edit and then select the Networking tab.
  8. On the Networking tab select the logical subnet to which you want to connect the VPS.
  9. Enter an IP Address belonging to the selected logical subnet and then click Save.