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Dialer :: HOWTO Resolve error after adding Dialer on system's license

Dialer allow lists of data to be loaded to a database and an application will run and dial these numbers based on an algorithm or settings entered by the admin. 

The agent interface to the dialer displays agents with specified information on each call and this information is customizable though the admin login.

In certain times, once we add Dialer to the Contact Center License, we might face issue with an error when we access Dialer section or we navigate to the Settings --> About.

Error would be similar to this:

In that case, in order to resolve issue, one should SSH to the system in question and reload PBXware.

Steps to do that are:

ssh root@IP_ADDRESS -p2020    

Command above is to ssh to the system, and IP_ADDRESS replace with IP/hostname of your system

and then:

/opt/pbxware/sh/pbxware reload    

- to reload PBXware configuration

NOTEPBXware reload should not drop any active calls and it will affect only calls that are billed.

Having that in mind, you can plan your reload during working hours (in case that billing is not used on the system) or during the system's off hours, in case that billing is used on the system.