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PBXware Dialer API :: HOWTOs PBXware Dialer API

With below request you can get list of Dialler campaigns by simply entering the address in your browsers address bar:



Make sure to always replace YOUR.IP.ADDRESS and YOUR.API.KEY with values specific for your system.

Response should look like this:

"1": "test1",
"4": "test2",
"5": "test3",
"6": "agentcom"

Now when you have ID of your campaign, you can list CSV files per campaign:


In above example we are using id=6 to list files for campaign "agentcom".

Response should be like this:

"23": {
"name": "dial_test.csv",
"campid": "6",
"form_fields": "number,name,address"

To add a number to the CSV file:


This one is probably most complicated. In previous response you got; "form_fields": "number,name,address" So your "csv" field value should look like


for example:


and in "numberfield" you should set column with number, just like when uploading CSV file: in this case it's 1.

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