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My Account

My account

Account Settings

This section provides Account information and options to edit account information. In account settings, you can see details concerning the user's account. Users' information can be updated by changing the provided fields and then clicking on the Update button.

Also in the Account settings section users can change their password.

Account Members

This section displays a list of Account Members.

Users can add new account members by clicking on Add Member.

When you finish adding account member information click on the “ADD NEW” button to add a new account member. This information will be previewed in the form to account members on the first login for them to validate/modify data:

You can also edit or delete account members by clicking on one of the buttons on the right.

When you finish editing click the button “EDIT MEMBER” to save changes.

Here you can edit:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Type
  • Phone
  • Interests in Company
  • Timezone
  • Password

Also by clicking on the “ENABLED/DISABLED” button users can change account member status. By clicking on the “RESET 2-STEP VERIFICATION” the user can reset 2-step verification for the account member. The button “RESET PASSWORD” sends a randomly generated password to the account member's email.

On the Account tab, Account owners can turn on/off access and change roles on the Customer Portal for account members.

As a Bicom user, you can grant to your account members one of the following roles :

  • Billing - grants permission to read Invoices, Credit Notes, and Statements
  • Licenses
    • Licenses - grants permission to read Licences
    • Licenses edit - grants permission to edit Licences
  • Payments - grants permission to read Invoices, Credit Notes, Statements, and all Payments on account, allowing account members to pay in Account name Invoices.
  • Subscriptions
    • Subscriptions - grants permission to read Subscriptions
    • Subscriptions edit - grants permission to edit Subscriptions
  • Support Chat - grants access to Account Support Chat
  • Tickets - grants permission to read/write Tickets

On the Bicom Release Manager tab, users can turn on/off access for the account member.

Action menu

From the action menu located below the application menu, you can navigate to:

NOTE: To access the chat support page, please make sure your support contract didn't expire.