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Customer Portal

Product Overview

My Account is part of the Bicom Systems ecosystem where our customers are available to access all information regarding their accounts. Once logged in, our customers can quickly and easily maintain their licenses, check their invoices, complete payments, and track their subscriptions, and account balance.

From the My Account dashboard, they can check and create new support tickets and also gain access to the Bicom Systems store, downloads page, access company resources, etc.


After successful login users are now redirected to the Dashboard which allows you to see the account balance and add funds, view the total number of your licenses, and visually display it on the Pie Chart. There is also a detailed list of unpaid invoices.

My account

Account Settings

This section provides Account information and options to edit account information. In account settings, you can see details concerning the user's account. Users' information can be updated by changing the provided fields and then clicking on the Update button.

Also in the Account settings section users can change their password.

Account Members

This section displays a list of Account Members.

Users can add new account members by clicking on Add Member.

When you finish adding account member information click on the “ADD NEW” button to add a new account member. This information will be previewed in the form to account members on the first login for them to validate/modify data:

You can also edit or delete account members by clicking on one of the buttons on the right.

When you finish editing click the button “EDIT MEMBER” to save changes.

Here you can edit:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Type
  • Phone
  • Interests in company
  • Timezone
  • Password

Also by clicking on the “ENABLED/DISABLED” button users can change account member status. By clicking on the “RESET 2-STEP VERIFICATION” the user can reset 2-step verification for the account member. The button “RESET PASSWORD” sends a randomly generated password to the account member's email.

On the Account tab, Account owners can turn on/off access and change roles on the Customer Portal for account members.

As a Bicom user, you can grant to your account members one of the following roles :

  • Billing - grants permission to read Invoices, Credit Notes, and Statements
  • Licenses
    • Licenses - grants permission to read Licences
    • Licenses edit - grants permission to edit Licences
  • Payments - grants permission to read Invoices, Credit Notes, Statements, and all Payments on account, allowing account members to pay in Account name Invoices.
  • Subscriptions
    • Subscriptions - grants permission to read Subscriptions
    • Subscriptions edit - grants permission to edit Subscriptions
  • Support Chat - grants access to Account Support Chat
  • Tickets - grants permission to read/write Tickets

On the Bicom Release Manager tab, users can turn on/off access for the account member.

Action menu

From the action menu located below the application menu, you can navigate to:

NOTE: To access the chat support page, please make sure your support contract didn't expire.

Help menu

Clicking on the Help menu, you can get access to our company guides and video tutorials

Dark/Light Theme

From the menu located in the top bar, you change your theme to match your PC preferences to Light Theme (which is set as default) and to the Dark Theme. Once selected, the preferred theme will be automatically loaded (information stored in your local storage).



The invoices section is directly linked to all of the orders placed. Each invoice corresponds to the order by its number. Possible filters:

  • From date
  • To date
  • Invoice ID
  • Status
  • Subscription

It is possible to download invoices in the form of a CSV with the “INVOICES CSV” button.

Clicking on the link in the column “Description” opens the invoice detailed view.

On the top, there are options available to pay the invoice if necessary and to download the invoice in .pdf format.

Clicking on the “PAY NOW” button will open a new page, where you will be given a choice of how you will pay the invoice. Possible payment methods:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Cheque
  • Bank Payment
  • PayPal
  • Account balance
  • Paypal Recurrent with the billing agreement
  • Authorize.net

NOTE: Some payment methods might be hidden based on your country or currency.

Credit notes

This section provides details of Credit notes related to the account.

Possible filters:

  • From date
  • To date
  • ID
  • Order
  • Reason

It is possible to download search results in the form of CSV with the “CREDIT NOTES CSV” button.

Clicking on the link in the description column opens the credit notes detailed view. It is possible to download the Credit note in .pdf format by clicking on the “CREDIT NOTE” button on the top.


The statements are a list of written records of happenings on each account in TELCOware.

Possible filters:

  • Date from
  • Date to

It is possible to download all statements in the form of CSV with the “DOWNLOAD CSV”, and to download .pdf of all statements.


The payments section lists all of the payments made by account users. Payments can be sorted by date, amount, and method.

Possible filters:

  • Date from
  • Date to

Payment Methods

Various automatic payment methods are supported to be offered to end-users to purchase goods and services.

By clicking on the “ADD CARD” button you open a window where you can add your Credit card information, which creates the Authorize.net CIM payment profile.

You can create PayPal Billing Agreement by clicking on the “CREATE AGREEMENT” button, which allows us to automatically charge your PayPal account for invoices that are due and new orders, saving you the hassle of making sure your invoices are paid on time and easing your mind to let us take care of the billing for you.


Subscriptions service

Services that users are subscribed to are displayed here.

Possible filters:

  • License
  • Reseller Id
  • Licensee
  • Package

It is possible to download search results in the form of CSV with the “DOWNLOAD CSV” button and download Hosted/Rented extensions in the form of CSV with the “HOSTED/RENTED EXTENSIONS CSV” button.

By clicking on the links in the column “#”, you can see more detailed information about the selected package. Here you can update your Subscription reference by clicking on the “UPDATE REFERENCE” button.

You can change the quantity of the product by clicking the “SAVE QUANTITIES” button after changing the quantity on one or more products.

Manage PBXware Subscriptions

If the account has been granted the privilege to transfer PBXware subscription items you can manage your PBXware subscriptions on this section. First, you need to select from which license you want to transfer items, then select to which license you want them transferred. On the sliders, you define the number of items that need to be transferred. Clicking on the “TRANSFER” button you finish the process of transferring items, and if everything is successful, a confirmation message pops up.

Glocom Report

This section provides a list of a history of changes for the gloCOM wizard.

Possible filters:

  • Date from
  • Date to
  • License
  • License type

It is possible to download search results in the form of CSV with the “GLOCOM HISTORY CSV” button.


A detailed report of licenses is displayed here.

Possible filters:

  • Date from
  • Date to
  • License
  • License Type
  • Package
  • Status
  • Duration

It is possible to download all licenses in the form of CSV with the “DOWNLOAD CSV” button.

By clicking on the license “code” link, you can see detailed information about the selected license.

It is possible to download the Glocom report in the form of a CSV with the “DOWNLOAD CSV GLOCOM REPORT” button.

If branding is enabled, you can add or update your App name.

Also in the license configuration, you can add or update Reference.

By clicking the “RESET MAC/IP ADDRESS” button and confirming it you reset the saved MAC address and last valid IP address. Be aware that the number of how many resets is left will be decremented by 1 on successful reset.

By clicking on the “My customer licenses” link you can see your customer licenses. In addition to the above filters, here you can also filter licenses by Customer.

Here you can also open a single licence information by clicking on the licence “code” link.

Reserved Prospects

This section shows a list of reserved prospects
Possible filters:

  • Date from
  • Date to
  • Country

You can add a new reserved prospect by clicking on the button “ADD RESERVED PROSPECT”


This section shows a list of all users' tickets. Possible filters:

  • Date
  • Search by text
  • Search by status
  • Search by project

By clicking on the ‘Add New’ button, a modal window will appear with a form for creating a new ticket. You first need to select a ticket type and fill in the required fields. After filling in the all required fields and clicking on the Submit button a new ticket will be created.

View Ticket

Clicking on a ticket will take you to the view ticket page. 

From there, you can check or create new discussions on the ticket. Click on the plus (+) button to create a new discussion. Clicking on the discussion will take you to the view discussion messages page.

On the discussion view, by clicking on the plus (+) button you add a new message. Required fields are title and description and optionally you can CC someone to the conversation and add an attachment.

Upon each change, an email message will be sent to all participants of the ticket.

NOTE: If a failed payment occurs, a new ticket will be automatically created with information about the failed payment, and users will be notified.


Access to the Bicom Systems resources center.

Bicom Systems resources is a place where you can read and learn about everything from customer success stories, and product info, to viewpoints from the core team and our webinars and videos.

Financing options

Access to Bicom Systems financing options.

Bicom Systems offers three financing options for the U.S. market. Browse through our Products or check out our popular PBXware in the Business PBX, Multi-Tenant PBX, and Call Center PBX editions.