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Support portal and My Account FAQ

  1. Q: Where do I access the new ticketing portal?

A: New ticketing portal is accessible on: https://support.bicomsystems.com

  1. Q: My access credentials from www.bicomsystems.com/my_account are not working on the new ticketing portal. What should I do?

A: New ticketing portal is not using the same credentials database as My Account page. Every will receive an activation email from the new ticketing portal and will set their password for access. If you have not received activation email or have issues with remembering or resetting your password please contact customer service department (customerexperience@bicomsystems.com) and explain your issue. Make sure to contact us from user email for which you are trying to reset password otherwise requests will be ignored for security reasons.

  1. Q: Now that you have a new ticketing portal, how do I raise LiveChat requests?

A: Although we have transitioned to a new ticketing system our LiveChat module remains and the process of raising LiveChat requests has not changed. In order to raise a LiveChat request please login to your Bicom Systems account and request a LiveChat session from there.

  1. Q: How do I add additional account members to the new ticketing portal?

A: Addition of new account members remains the same. In order to add new account members please contact your account manager or raise a support ticket with the Technical support team via a new ticketing portal providing First Name, Last Name and email address for new account members and the support team will complete the request for you. Once they are added they should receive an activation email.

  1. Q: I do not see all account members from My Account when I login to the new ticketing portal. Why is that?

A: New ticketing portal is utilized only for Customer services teams (Technical support and Customer Experience) hence at this point only account members marked as “Technical staff” are added to the new ticketing portal. This may change in future.

  1. Q: I do not see all tickets when I login to my account. Why is that?

A: Ticket list screen by default lists only open tickets but this can be changed using filter drop-down located on top of ticket list. Select All tickets and all tickets from your account should be listed.                                                          

  1. Q: When I try opening a new ticket on the new ticketing portal I get an automated email reply with the subject “Technical support contract not valid!”. What should I do?

A: If you are receiving an automated email with a listed subject when trying to open a new ticket that means your company account does not have a valid support contract. Make sure to reach out to your account manager to resolve the issue ASAP so you can continue using Tech support service.

  1. Q: I need to share my ticket with people outside of my company. They do not have access to the ticketing portal. How do I do that?

A: Ticketing portal is currently displaying raised tickets to all company members. Public ticket URL can be used to access tickets for external users. There are 2 possible ways to obtain Public ticket URL:

  • Public ticket URL is listed in automated email reply which is sent on ticket creation.

  • If you can not find the initial email with a public ticket URL you can reply on the ticket in question requesting a public ticket URL and the support engineer will fulfill your request.


NOTE: Please be very careful when sharing public ticket URLs as tickets may contain sensitive or confidential information. Bicom systems will not be responsible for damage done caused by irresponsible data sharing.