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How to escalate a ticket?

Escalating a Ticket

In order to have a fast and efficient way of resolving issues, we provide our Partners with a Support Escalation system. Escalations are taken very seriously with an additional level of severity.

We recommend the immediate initiation of a Support escalation process when there is a tangible impact on your production environment, or there is a high risk to the business operations.

How To Escalate a Ticket

To escalate a ticket, go to Bicom Systems Technical Support Portal

  • -Select New Support Ticket
  • -Select Escalation
  • -Add the ticket number of a ticket you wish to escalate in the Ticket number # field
  • -Write the reason for escalating in the Description field

Ticket can also be escalated through Bicom Systems Technical Support Portal:

  • -Open the ticket you wish to escalate on portal
  • -Change Ticket Type from "ANY" to "ESCALATION"
  • -This will generate a new ticket and notify Partner Success team about escalation

Escalation will be handled by the Partner Success team who will offer a solution depending on your problem type.

When To Escalate a Ticket

You can escalate a ticket in the following cases:

  • If you have recurring or multiple related high-priority incidents related to business impact and urgency
  • If there is data loss or a risk of potential data loss
  • If there is a risk of potential or actual damage to your and our reputation
  • If the problem that was resolved earlier started recurring and you are unsure of what caused it
  • If you are not satisfied with the understanding of the problem by the Support engineers
  • (e.g. a language barrier, poor experience, etc.)

When Not To Escalate a Ticket

You do not have to escalate a ticket in the following cases:

  • If you have not contacted the Support team before and created a ticket related to the issue in question
  • If the issue reported is not risky and urgent for your business
  • If the Support team is already working on your problem and they did not exceed a reasonable timeframe for resolving it