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Sales Questions


How much does PBXware cost?

PBXware is priced according to the number of extensions/lines and exact business needs. Please contact sales for further details.

What is the warranty period for PBXware?

The warranty period for PBXware hardware is one (1) year.

After I purchase the product will I be informed about any software or hardware upgrades?

Yes. BICOM SYSTEMS informs customers and clients about all necessary upgrades, news, release notes, etc.

Is there any maintenance support provided by Bicom Systems after I purchase PBXware?

Yes. We offer standard, enhanced, and emergency support and maintenance contracts. Please contact sales for further details.

I do not have enough extentions, must I buy the next package up?

No you are not obligated to do this. You may simply buy extra extentions as you need them.

I need additional features such as voicemail and IVRs, must I get the next package up?

No, you are not obligated to do this. You may simply buy the extra features as you need them.

What is the upgrade cost from one package to the next?

Simply the price difference between the two packages.

What is required to perform system upgrade?

NOTE: PBXware upgrade from one major release version to another is a payed process, and cannot be scheduled on short notice. For more information please contact your account manager.

Before upgrade is scheduled and performed, Bicom Systems staff must perform initial inspection of your system in order to evaluate requirements and give estimated time needed to perform upgrade of your system.

There are several factors that will affect how long upgrade procedure will take:

  1.  Hardware configuration
  2.  Base system version
  3.  Current PBXware version
  4.  Database size

Information needed for initial system inspection:

  1.  Are there any custom patches on the system or if there were any system modifications made outside the systems GUI?
  2.  Product name and exact PBXware version
  3.  Systems public address
  4.  Access details, GUI username and password and systems root password for SSH login.

In case of multiple instances customers must provide these details for each instance.

IMPORTANT:Number 1 is very important and customers must be very careful when answering this question. Downgrade will not be possible without data loss and some of our custom patches are not yet developed for 3.8.

Requirements that must be met before upgrade can be performed:

  1.  Customer must create a backup of the system and move it to external location (external hard drive, network location etc).
  2.  Direct access from public IP is a must as it is not possible to perform upgrade through screen sharing applications.
  3.  In case of SERVERware upgrade, customers will need a new server and they will have to install latest SERVERware release on it, and provide us systems access details. Unfortunately it is not possible to perform upgrade the way it can be done on PBXware.

NOTE: USB thumb drives are prone to failure and should not be used as a backup option.