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General: My mobile application does not ring when the device is locked

In case your Communicator app is not ringing when the mobile phone is locked, here are a few things that should be checked further:

  • Push Notifications option under Communicator Go app:  Please check whatever option under Settings -> General -> Push Notifications is enabled.

  • Device Settings: Review any additional settings within the Communicator app itself that may affect its behavior regarding notifications and ringing when the phone is locked. Ensure that notifications for the Communicator app are enabled in your phone's settings. Verify that the app has permission to display notifications, including when the phone is locked.

  • App Updates: Ensure that your Communicator app is up to date. Sometimes, bugs related to notifications and ringing can be fixed in newer versions of the app.

  • Check whether the PNS is operational and running for your system

SSH to your system and check it by executing the command below:

ps fax | grep pns

NOTE: Due to the lack of Google support, our application may not function properly on huawei devices. Even if your clients install gloCOM on their Huawei mobile phones, push notifications will not work because our PNS server relies on Google servers. As a result, their application will not be activated when receiving a call or message.

Furthermore, if none of the aforementioned options were responsible for the issue, kindly reach out to our Technical Support Team for assistance.