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HOWTO:: Custom Ringtone per destination

If you would like for calls coming through a Queue/ERG/DIal Group/Parking Lot to have a different ringing tone then it can be configured by utilizing the Custom Ringtone field on each of the mentioned destinations.

Edit your Queue/ERG/DIal Group/Parking Lot and under Custom Ringtone field set the ringtone text which will be matched with the settings on your device. (Eg. "CustomRinger")

Once done you will need to set the same text on a ringer within your device settings.

Example for Yealink:

  • Log into your device GUI and navigate to Settings -> Ring
  • Under Internal Ringer Text set the same text which was configured under "Custom Ringtone" field on PBXware.

Calls coming in through the specified destination will now send an Alert Info header which will make your phone use the specified ringing tone.

Additional information on how to configure these options through the UAD configuration can be found within the following document: