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HOWTO:: Dialing Other Networks

Within this document we will be going over the configuration and use of Other Networks.

Other networks configuration allows us to make a set of rules which will serve for easier and quicker dialing of specified networks using various options.

To configure Other Networks on your system follow these steps:

  • Login to the PBXware as system administrator
  • Navigate to 'Settings -> Tenants(Server) -> Edit'
  • Select 'Show Advanced Options' -> Features -> Other Networks
  • Set 'Mode'='With Access Code' or 'Without Access Code'
    With Access Code: Access code + network number + extension
    Without Access Code: Network number + extension

  • Click on the 'Add Network' button
  • Set 'Name'='Trunk1', for example
  • Set 'Prefix'='7', for example
  • Check the 'Strip Prefix' option to strip the 'Prefix' from the dialed number
    (E.g. If the 'Prefix' field is set to '7' and this field is enabled, once the user dials *188 7 55510205 the system will dial 55510205. If this field is disabled, 755510205 will be dialed).

  • Set desired 'Match Type'
    Range: Select the range of numbers allowed to be dialed in this network. (E.g. 200000-200999)

    Begins With: All numbers that begin with the entered digit(s) will be allowed to pass through the network. (E.g. 555)

    Regex:The type of an entry in the Match Type field must be a regular expression. Let's say we want to enter '7' as our Prefix number. In this case the correct input with prefix 7 is: [0-9]{3}. The first part of an expression [0-9] represents one digit from 0 to 9. And {3} represents quantity (3 digits from 0 to 9). The correct solution is also: [0-9][0-9][0-9]. It’s important to mention that the prefix number has to be excluded from the regular expression, since it’s already included by entering a number in the Prefix field.

  • Set 'Hidden Prefix'='212', for example, to add '212' in front of any dialed number
    (E.g. If this field is set to 212 and we dialed *188 7 55510205, 21255510205 will be dialed. This is useful if the provider requires a certain code before dialing the destination, area code inserted automatically, etc.)

  • Select the trunk that will be used for calls through in this network.
  • Click on the 'Save' button


Examples: We will try to dial 10205 on remote system with prefix '7'

  • 'Mode'= 'With Access Code': dial '*188 + $PREFIX + $EXTENSION' (e.g. *188 7 10205 )

  • 'Mode'='Without Access Code': dial '$PREFIX + $EXTENSION' (e.g. 7 10205)

  • 'Mode'='With Access Code' & 'Strip Prefix'='On': prefix is stripped from dialed number. You dial '*188 $PREFIX + $EXTENSION' => system dials '*188 + $EXTENSION' (e.g. *188 10205)

  • With 'Hidden Prefix'='212': dial '*188 + $PREFIX +$EXTENSION' => system dials '*188 + $PREFIX + $HIDDEN_PREFIX + $EXTENSION' (e.g. *188 7 212 10205)