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General :: HOWTO Replacing Prefix when calling through Other Networks

HOWTO Replacing Prefix When Calling Through Other Networks

Some providers may give you a DID number such as '011+33+144856535' . But if users are used to dialing '0+144856535' this is what you need to do:

  • Login to the system administration
  • Set up a trunk to your provider
  • Create a DID, for example
  • Navigate to 'Settings->Tenants->Edit->Other Networks'
  • Set 'Mode' = 'Without access code'
  • Click on 'Add Network'
  • Set 'Prefix' = '0'
  • Select the 'Strip Prefix' option
  • Set 'Hidden Prefix' = '01133'
  • Click on 'Save'

Now users will be able to dial '0144856535' and the system will call  '01133144856535'