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Networking :: HOWTO Network Systems Using DUNDI

DUNDI is a 'peer-to-peer' system for providing telephony services by locating Internet gateways.

To setup a network connection:

  • Login to the system administration
  • Navigate to 'Networks: Server'
  • Enter values into the required fields or leave it as, set by default settings. The general group contains information about the server only and this info is not relevant for making a connection
  • The networking group contains information required for the network connection
  • Enable Lookup: Leave this field as is
  • Network Prefix: Network prefix (up to 3 digits) used for dialling the PBX
  • IP Address: Enter a static IP address of your server
  • Entity ID: Enter a MAC address of the network card of your server
  • Bind Address: Leave this value as is
  • Port: Leave this value as is
  • Allow codecs: Select preferred codecs
  • Cash time: Leave this value as is
  • TTL: Leave this value as is
  • Store history: Leave this value as is
  • Navigate to 'Networks: RSA Keys'
  • Generate a new RSA key if one does not already exist
  • Navigate to 'Networks: Peers' and add the peer details
  • Peer Entity ID: 88:88:88:88:88:88
  • Incoming RSA Key: -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----
  • Host: IP address
  • Model: Leave this value as is by default
  • Pre-cache: Leave this value as is by default
  • Search order: Leave this value as is by default
  • Qualify: Leave this value as is by default

If everything was set correctly, you should have successfully connected the system server and created a peer. The same steps should be performed on the peer side. In essence, the IP address, MAC, and RSA key details are exchanged between the server and peer.

To make a call from System1 to System2, or vice versa, dial network prefix + extension number.

For example, on System1 dial: 251005, assuming that System2 network prefix is '25' and it has an extension number '1005'.

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