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HOW TO :: Request a SERVERware upgrade

SERVERware 1.x 

In case you are running SERVERware 1.x version, this setup would require a new deployment as upgrading this server would not be possible. For more information, please make sure to contact the Account Manager and they would provide you with more information regarding the new deployment and project with the Deployment&Training team. 

SERVERware 3.x & 4.x

If you are running an older SERVERware version, you would need to request a SERVERware upgrade as soon as possible. With new SERVERware versions, we introduced many new features and bug fixes along with the implementation of different tools for better troubleshooting. Thus, we recommend keeping your SERVERware up to date in order to avoid many different issues. 

If your SERVERware offers you a GUI update, you may follow this guide. 

In order to check the latest SERVERware release along with release notes, you may visit our official page at this link.

How to request a SERVERware upgrade? 

If your system does not offer you a GUI update, you will need to request a core upgrade procedure that must be performed by Technical Support. In order to request an upgrade, you would simply open a regular support ticket that needs to contain the following information: 

  • SERVERware Controller IP - If this system was deployed by our Deployment and Training Department, we will have all the information regarding access and passwords. If anything was changed, an engineer will request the needed information. 
  • KVM access to each host - You would need to provide KVM access to each host as direct access to servers is mandatory. If you do not have public access to iDRAC, iLO, or similar, you would need to provide instructions within the ticket that would explain what method of access is used (RDP, VPN, or similar). 
  • If there is a firewall in play, you would need to make sure that full access is granted for our licensing servers bicomsystems.com ( and downloads.bicomsystems.com (
  • Preferred date&time, taking into consideration that SERVERware upgrade needs to be scheduled at least 1 week in advance and maintenance window should be at least 4 hours for a standard setup (Storage host and Backup host).
  •  Any particular notes or issues that we should be aware of before proceeding with the upgrade (if there were disk or other issues in the past that need to be handled specifically). 

Once the engineer receives the ticket, they will inspect the system and request any additional information if needed. 

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