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HOW TO :: Request a SERVERware upgrade

SERVERware 1.x 

In case you are running SERVERware 1.x version, this setup would require a new deployment as upgrading this server would not be possible. For more information, please make sure to contact the Account Manager and they will provide you with more information regarding the new deployment and project with the Deployment&Training team. 

SERVERware 3.x & 4.x

In order to check the latest SERVERware release along with release notes, you may visit our official page at this link.

If your system does not offer you a GUI update, you will need to request a core upgrade procedure that must be performed by Technical Support. If your SERVERware offers you a GUI update, you may follow this guide: GUI update

SERVERware Upgrade

All upgrades are ordered through SERVERware Upgrade Wizard. To access the SERVERware upgrade wizard and order the SERVERware upgrade you will need to do the following:

  1.  Login to your account on Bicom Systems page on https://account.bicomsystems.com/
  2. Navigate to ‘Licenses' in the right-hand menu
  3. Find and click on the license number of the SERVERware you wish to have upgraded
  4. Click the ‘Request Upgrade’ button after which you will be prompted to provide the necessary information.

Depending on the system size and the current SERVERware version, our team will inform you of any additional details as needed during the arrangement of the upgrade procedure. The downtime may vary from half an hour up to one hour if no issues were encountered. However, we always recommend keeping the maintenance window for at least 4 hours in case of any issues.

NOTE: KVM access is mandatory for the upgrade procedure, as we need to have direct access to servers in case of any issues. Please be ready to provide KVM access to all servers (backup host as well).

Once the engineer receives the ticket, they will inspect the system and request any additional information if needed.