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General :: HOWTO Submit a Feature Request

HOWTO Submit a Feature Request

Submitting a feature request is very easy and similar to bug reporting. To submit a feature request, please go to the Bicom Systems Technical Support Portal.

  • Select New Support Ticket
  • Select Feature request from the Select Issue type field

When writing a description, we advise giving as many details as possible to save time with requirements defining.

Here is a simple example of a feature description:

Feature request

I would like to request adding new fields to the Central Phone Book, such as Contact Type.


Urgent/Must Have/Nice to have

PBXware Edition

PBXware Version

Feature Requirements

  • Add Business/Personal Contact type in Central Phone Book
  • In the CSV download, add additional fields from the phone book, matched by destination number (find first if multiple entries with the same company number)
  • The central Phone book is currently allocated to extension or tenant, therefore the match above should be by the extension Phone book first, then by the Tenant.

Importance for the Business and Use Case

We have several customers that want to use the Central Phone as their Main telephone directory. We believe that this will be a huge advantage for Small to Medium size business, as many of these businesses want to "manage" their employee spend and time (Business versus Personal). Some companies allocate "allowances" to their staff - for personal calls. Currently, an employer will print an itemized bill per extension and request the employee to identify personal versus business. This is a time-consuming and trust based system.

After submitting a Feature request to the Support team, they will transfer it to the Product Owner for review. It will take 3-4 weeks until the Product Owner reviews the request and decides whether it meets all criteria to be listed on the Product board.

NOTE: If the feature request is not clear enough or there was some information missing, the Product Owner will inform a Support team member, who will continue a discussion with you on the initial ticket. Otherwise, a feature request will be posted on the Product board and available for voting and commenting, and you will be informed about it on the initial ticket.