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How to add new route?

This article will explain how to add a new route (new destination on PBXware.

How to add new route?

Step 1: Add new destination group

  • Under Home -> Routes -> Destination groups, add a new destination group and assign a name to it.

Step 2: Add code to the newly created destination group

  • Once the new destination group has been added, navigate to Routes. Suppose we aim to add a new destination group for the USA. Under Routes, locate the letter "U" and select USA. Then, click on Show hidden groups.
  •  Find newly added destination group -> Add destination -> Add it to USA -> add name and destination code -> Save

Step 3: Update PBXware daemon database

Once above has been completed, when you navigate to Routes -> USA, newly created destination group should be shown there.

To complete the process, click on Update PBXware daemon database button.

Once this process has been completed, when extensions call a number that starts with the destination code that has been added (e.g., 12055 in this example), the newly created route will be utilized.