HOWTO E-mail to Fax

EmailtoFax HOWTO.png


In order to set up the 'E-mail to Fax' feature, please do the following:

1. Select a specific Tenant
2. Navigate to 'Fax'
3. Navigate to 'E-mail to Fax'

NOTE: It is needed to populate all the required fields after which this feature should be operating successfully on PBXware.

For more information, please refer to the screenshot.

To further understand how 'E-mail to Fax' works, please refer to the list:

  • Everything needs to be set correctly on PBXware (as shown above)
  • Users have to send an e-mail with a PDF attachment
  • In the 'Subject' field of the e-mail being sent, users should enter a phone number of the Fax in the same format in which it has to be dialed from PBXware

NOTE: Users should have a dedicated e-mail box for this service.

After this e-mail is sent to the e-mail address stated in PBXware, the further procedure takes place:

  • The 'E-mail to Fax' service is looking for new e-mails and checking whether the requirements are fulfilled.
The received e-mail should contain the following:
  • A PDF file
  • A valid number entered in the 'Subject' field
  • As soon as the PDF attachment is received, it is further sent to the number that is provided in the 'Subject' of the received e-mail.