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General :: HOWTO email2fax

HOWTO E-mail to Fax

STEP 1: 

    • Create dedicated email address (with Gmail service for example).

    • After we create new email address, we need to open 'Settings --> See all Settings --> Forwarding and POP/IMAP'

    • After IMAP is enabled, click on the 'Save Changes'

EmailtoFax HOWTO.png


In order to set up the 'E-mail to Fax' feature, please do the following:

1. Select a specific Tenant
2. Navigate to 'Fax'
3. Navigate to 'E-mail to Fax'

NOTE: It is needed to populate all the required fields after which this feature should be operating successfully on PBXware.

For more information about the configuration, please refer to the screenshot where all the fields required for the email2fax configuration are populated:

- As IMAP server, for example you can use 'imap.gmail.com' and use required port 993.

- Encryption should be set to SSL/TLS;

- Username is the email address that we have set in the STEP 1;

- Password is the same password that we created for our new email address.

- Everything else is configurable by the user which will not affect the email2fax functionality in regards to the service working properly.

- After that, we need to click on the Save button and we can Test it out.

If the test is completed successfully, you should see the following message:

To further understand how 'E-mail to Fax' works, please refer to the list:

  • Everything needs to be set correctly on PBXware (as shown above)
  • Users have to send an e-mail with a PDF attachment
  • In the 'Subject' field of the e-mail being sent, users should enter a phone number of the Fax in the same format in which it has to be dialed from PBXware

NOTE: Users should have a dedicated e-mail box for this service.

After this e-mail is sent to the e-mail address stated in PBXware, the further procedure takes place:

  • The 'E-mail to Fax' service is looking for new e-mails and checking whether the requirements are fulfilled.
The received e-mail should contain the following:
  • A PDF file
  • A valid number entered in the 'Subject' field
  • As soon as the PDF attachment is received, it is further sent to the number that is provided in the 'Subject' of the received e-mail.