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Offline Trunk and troubleshooting guide

If  trunk is offline and your users have issues with connecting calls, there are certain things you can check on PBXware system:

  1. Determine if trunk is indeed offline

You can check this by navigating to the Monitor page of your PBXware system:

Status of trunk can be offline due to a human made error, so make sure that you check if status of trunk is 'Active':

If status is properly set, we need to troubleshoot further!

        2. Check REGISTRATION in asterisk CLI

SSH to the PBXware system and then enter Asterisk CLI. Once inside of CLI run the command:

pjsip show registrations

If trunk uses REGISTRATION method (any option set under trunk except 'Not Required') we would have similar output:

Thistells us that trunk is NOT REGISTERED, and we need to check furher.

       3. Check Asterisk Log files

You can monitor asterisk CLI in the real time and try to spot if there are any errors or messages in regards to that specific trunk.

If system is busy at the moment, it is better to check asterisk log file : /opt/pbxware/pw/var/log/asterisk/messages

Example of command would be:

cat /opt/pbxware/pw/var/log/asterisk/messages | grep -i "XXX", where XXX can be IP address of Trunk:

This indicates that PBXware system is receive 404 error from Provider.

        4. SNGREP tool

In the previous step, we managed to find some response from Provider. Another useful tool is SNGREP, which will give us more details on the SIP (do REGISTER and OPTIONS come, and what is content of those packages).

More information about SNGREP can be found on the pages: SNGREP TOOL and Advanced SNGREP tool

In our case, we could see similar to this:

In this case, provider is sending 404 Not found for our REGISTER attempt.

This could mean that authentication details are not correct or if the wrong register method is used.

For more information, one should contact Provider!

       5. Check if provider's IP is blocked by sipPROT 

In certain occasions, it is worth of checking if the sipPROT blocked provider's IP, this also could indicate seeig 'Offline' status on Monitor page. 

Additionally, PBXware's IP address can be blocked on provider's side as well.

NOTE: When troubleshooting issues with trunk, it is always recommended to contact provider before reaching out to our support team since they have more insight of what could be wrong, which could greatly reduce time of troubleshooting