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General :: HOWTO Make Anonymous Calls

If you wish to make calls anonymously, follow these steps:

1. Dial *81 before the DID number to place an anonymous call once.  (e.g. *8144018593483) 

NOTE: Access code for blocking only the next call from displaying Caller ID. After the first call has been completed, the Caller ID will be displayed for all future calls (if the code is not triggered again). Before making a call the user triggers the code *81 and only the person who they call next will not be able to see the user's CallerID. If after completing the first call the user makes another call, the Caller ID will be displayed.

2. Dial "*67" to block displaying your Caller ID for all the calls, until the code *68 for unblocking the Caller ID is used.

NOTE: User can trigger the Access Code *67 to block their Caller ID for all the calls and prevent others from seeing their Caller ID when the call has been placed.

3. Use the Access Code "*68" to unblock your Caller ID after it has been blocked using the code *67.

Access Codes can be found under Tenants -> Settings -> Access Codes:

To ensure proper functionality:

  • Ensure that a valid Caller ID is set for each extension.
  • Enable the Trust Remote-Party ID option on both the Trunk level and Extension level.
  • Choose either RPID or PAI under Send Remote-Party ID, regardless of your provider's requirements.