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DID :: Replace Caller ID

HOWTO Replace Caller ID

To replace Caller ID with the custom data do the following:

  • Navigate to 'DID'
  • Click on the 'Edit' button next to the preferred DID
  • Click on 'Advanced Options'
  • Set 'Replace Caller ID'.
For example, if you set the value of Replace Caller ID to 'USDID' it will display 'USDID' on your phone display, for all calls coming through this DID.
Providing 'USDID %CALLERID%', will display 'USDID John 55510205' on your phone display, where 55510205 is the caller's phone number and John is the caller's name.
  • Click on 'Save'

NOTE: Note that the variable %CALLERID% contains the current call's Caller ID ("name" and <number>). %CALLERIDNAME% and %CALLERIDNUM% can also be used to get the current name and number independently.