When an Extension is showing as ‘On Call in the monitor page and is unable to receive calls that usually means the Extension is stuck in a Busy State.

The problem is mostly caused by users turning on the Do Not Disturb feature and forgetting to disable it. 

This can also be checked in the Reports --> CDR section by searching for the DnD access code *78.

To check the state of the Extension in Asterisk use the following procedure:

  • SSH to the system and open Asterisk (asterisk -r)
  • Check the state of the extension by using the following query 
    • --> core show hint ‘extension number’

  • In the output you should see the State that the Extension is in:

  • In case the Extension is stuck in Busy State do the following:
  • Navigate to the Extension → Enhanced Services → Do Not Disturb → Set as Not Active & Save the configuration.