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General :: HOW TO Extension Busy State

When an Extension is showing as ‘On Call in the monitor page and is unable to receive calls that usually means the Extension is stuck in a Busy State.

The problem is mostly caused by users turning on the Do Not Disturb feature and forgetting to disable it. 

This can also be checked in the Reports --> CDR section by searching for the DnD access code *78.

To check the state of the Extension in Asterisk use the following procedure:

  • SSH to the system and open Asterisk (asterisk -r)
  • Check the state of the extension by using the following query 
    • --> core show hint ‘extension number’

  • In the output you should see the State that the Extension is in:

  • In case the Extension is stuck in Busy State do the following:
  • Navigate to the Extension → Enhanced Services → Do Not Disturb → Set as Not Active & Save the configuration.

NOTE In newer versions of the PBXware, our DEV team implemented additional option on Monitor page, named DND, which will show if extension has Do Not Disturb enabled: